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Posted On : Tuesday, May 31, 2011 By Prashant Meckoni

Did the Australian floods in Jan 2011 affect your coal supplies?
Has the Japan earthquake of Mar 2011 left your wondering about your automotive or electronic components availability?
Have you already exceeded your budgeted expenditure on oil and gas because of the Middle East revolutions which started in Jan 2011?
Are you ready to accept massive customer service requests due to product recall as done by Maruti Suzuki for replacing faulty parts of its A-Star vehicles or recently of its diesel vehicles - DZire, Swift and Ritz.

Supply chain disruptions are here to stay. Our jobs in supply chain functions are to manage these disruptions, without letting our customers move to our competitors.

If your organization has been handling big and small disruptions since a long time, you can now use your collective organizational knowledge to build up a knowledge base on how to react to disruptions, or you could assess your risks and come up wit ...

Posted On : Monday, May 30, 2011 By Prashant Meckoni

How do you know if your supply performance today is better than it was last week, or last year.
How do you know if your efforts are helping you, your customers, your vendors?
You definitely can't measure success absolutely. What you can do is measure the parameters that you think contribute to the success to your supply chain.

As in six sigma's DMAIC, the first step is to define what you are trying to improve and second step is to measure it quantitatively, and preferably absolutely with the required degree of accuracy and precision.

Lets take a sample of supply chain metrics that may be relevant to most manufacturing organizations.
1. Number of days of maximum production equivalent of raw material supply at hand.
2. Cumulative age of finished goods lying in warehouses & factories ready to be sold
3. Value of ready finished goods inventory yet not available for sales (may be in-transit)
4. Cost ...

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